Counselling Services

The Career Makers (TCM) will provide expert’s counseling to students whenever and wherever it is required at any of its offices across India.

The Career Makers TCM provides one way air tickets till university (First time only). The Career Makers (TCM) provides escort to students who are going to university for the first time in group.

Since 2011, The Career Makers (TCM) has arranged Indian Food in all the universities it is promoting in China. This India Food is cooked by Indian Chefs. It is a complimentary service provided by The Career Makers . This service can be withdrawn if the Law of PR China does not allow us to continue this service in future.

The Career Makers (TCM) has its co-coordinators available in the campus24x7 to look after the students.

The Career Makers (TCM) arranges courier service free of cost from Faridabad to China for the students. Students can send their useful like medicine, books etc through this service. This service is free of cost to students. Foods stuffs and oils are not sent through this courier service.

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