Summary of non listed medical universities in China

In 2004 China opened its field for Indian students to study MBBS course in their country. In 2007 Ministry of Education (MOE) PR China published a list of universities and forwarded this list to the Embassy of India in Beijing. Indian Embassy later forwarded this list to MCI through Ministry of Health Union Government of India.

In this list MOE PRC mentioned the name of the university along with their permitted intake of seats. It was also mentioned that all those universities which are in the list has to provide MBBS teaching in English Medium.

MOE PRC maintained releasing such list year after year sometimes adding more universities and their seat intake capacity and sometimes even MOE PRC decreased the seat intake capacity of the university. Year to year Universities names also deleted or added from the list.

In 2014 MOE China notified that those universities which are in the list will provide international students to teach MBBS course in English Medium. But those universities which are not in the list can also take admission of international students but they will teach Chinese language Clinical Medicine (MBBS). This notification is evident in following link mentioned below.

Similarly this year 2015 again MOE PRC notified the same order vide link address mentioned below:

Some Facts That Need Attention

  • The Non Listed Universities have low tuition fee compared to Listed Universities.
  • The syllabus of both listed and non listed university is same
  • In Non Listed universities student need to pass HSK. But not in all but many universities also, international students need to pass HSK
  • Non Listed universities provide MBBS degree where as Listed Universities also gives MBBS degree after graduation.
  • Duration of both listed and non listed universities is same i.e. 6 year including internship.
  • After graduation from non listed universities, students are allowed to appear in the Foreign medical graduate examination (FMGE) (Screening Test) conducted by National Board of Examination on behalf of Medical Council Of India.
  • Students graduating from non listed universities are entitled to appear in FMGE under Screening test regulations act 2002.
  • As per screening test regulations All Indian students who is graduating from abroad need to get their degree attested by the Embassy of India in that country from where the student has done the MBBS course.
  • Embassy Of India Beijing vide their letter number PEK/POL/551/06/2006 dated February 27,2015 has very clearly mentioned that students from India can take admission in non listed medical universities and study Chinese language Clinical Medicine(MBBS).

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