Travel Tips

This is the basic information that we provide our students while travelling to china…

  • All the students must carry Chinese currency i.e., Yuan with them from India itself as after reaching there it’s a necessity if they want to buy anything
  • Students must carry Some Medicines for Cold/Fever, Indigestion with them as because of Change in weather sometimes these medicines are required.
  • Some basic Food Items like Spices, Soup Packets, Maggie Noodles, Dry Fruits, Pulses, Pickles are such few things that are required as per individual needs
  • Bed sheets pillow covers, light weight quilts can be carried in the Luggage
  • Extra Passport Size Photographs need to be carried with every students
  • All original academic documents must be there with all the students.
  • Original JW202, Admission letter must be there with the student attached in the passport itself for verification
  • Medical Reports are required in China for Fitness Certification, so all the reports must be carried by the student
  • Mobile phones are must to be carried as after getting the Sim Card of China it is very convenient for them to communicate, Laptop can be carried as well as it is required later for studies
  • Study Material like Books, Previous Notes can be carried
  • Things like soap, Shampoo, Tooth Brush, comb any cosmetic product and other Necessary daily usage material must be carried along
  • Woolen Clothes, Warmers, Warm Night suits (Lower T-Shirts) Socks, Cap and other basic stuff should be there in the Luggage
  • Students must follow the instructions given by The Career Makers
  • All the students must move in the group divided to avoid any chaos at the Airport or in China
  • Before Taking the final Luggage students should consult The career Makers as in case of any extra weight penalty has to be borne by the student.

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