Binzhou Medical University

Binzhou Medical University

University Badge

The design of the basic form if the university badge makes use of a comprehensive method both letter shapes and signification. It consists of two parts: the upper part is a variation of the landmark construction of the landmarks construction of the university, meanwhile a variation of the initial letter of English word “ Medicine “ ; and the lower part is a variation of the initial letter of English word “ University” . In particular, three white semicircle arcs signify the three general functions of cultivating excellent talents, conducting scientific research and innovation, and making contributions to social development. Meanwhile, the three arcs symbolize the traditional conception that “Three begets all particular things”.

The symbol takes ultramarine as its standard color, which represents the scientificity, preciseness, wisdom and rationality of medicine.

The major part of the symbols looks like a piece of shield, which signifies that people at and from the Binzhou Medical University intend to be guards of life and health, widely aid the life of people, and benefit all humans.

University Allocution

Benevolent Mind, whose signification is kindheartedness, benignity and righteousness,. One who has a mind as such should have benevolent feelings and be concerned about the whole world; One who has a mind as such should show solicitude and love for life, society and nature; and who has a mind as such should match up both with the heavenly and the earth, assist in the evolution , and bring about the harmony.

Wonderful Skills, whose signification is profound science, masterful techniques and marvelous creation. One who masters such skills should have the talent of a sage and admire science; one who masters such skills should be diligent in learning, be good at practices and have the courage to innovate; and one who masters such skills should pursue the truth, explore new knowledge and assist in the life of people.

Binzhou Medical university is a common medical university at provincial level in Shandong Province, and its predecessor was the public Medical School of Shandong University originally established in 1946. The university follows its school- running tradition that “teaching comers first, and quality is prior to any others” and that “the education of man is a fundamental, and moral education has the priority” , and puts into practices its university dictum of “ benevolent mind and wonderful skills” . the university insists on taking high moral value establishments and talent cultivation as the fundamental task of education while sticking to the centeredness on the cultivation of talents and that on the improvement of quality, and we have trained more than 61,000 talented people in medicine and medicine – related trades for the society.

Now the university has two campuses and it has become the only famous medical university stretching across two university sites in the Blue Economic Zone of Shandong Peninsula and the Yellow River Delta Economic Zone, with distinctive school- running characteristics and strength and high quality of education. Binzhou Medical University was qualified of granting master’s degree in 2003. In 2006, it has passed the undergraduate teaching evaluation of ministry of Education with outstanding achievements. In 2013, the university was among the first pilot university of the comprehensive reform of undergraduate programs. It was approved as the demonstration site of special education at the national level, yielding outstanding result in the national clinical skills competition for university students. It was included in the Shandong Province’s construction projects of elite universities centered on the cultivation of applied talents in 2013. It was among the first universities in Shandong Province which passed the professional assessment on clinical medicine and received high praise from the evaluation team.

The university covers land of 2,000 mu (1 mu equates 1/15 hectare) in total, with its floorage accounting for 630,000 square meters. Its fixed assets are totally 1.25 billion RMB. In particular, its teaching and scientific apparatuses and facility count for 209 million RMB in total; its library has a collection of 2.4 million volumes. At present, the university has two directly affiliated hospitals, 13 indirectly affiliated hospitals, more than 140 teaching hospitals and practical teaching hospitals, and more than 40 teaching bases for medicine – related disciplines.

The university has more than 16,500 full- time students and 962 staffs which include 611 full-time teachers. 109 professors and 213 associate professors. There are four academicians working in the university, nine experts (professors) with “ Taishan Scholar” entitlement. The university has 11 schools (faculties), 26 undergraduate majors, 4 characteristics subject construction units of higher education at the level of Ministry of Education, and eight characteristics subjects at provincial level. It boasts the authorization of master’s degree conferment in three first- class disciplines and two majors, 38 second –class disciplines, one key disciplines authorized by the state Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and six “ Taishan Scholar” disciplines. Its key provincial-level disciplines reach eight, with its key disciplines and bases if humanities and social science topping 13.

There are altogether 35 provincial- level excellent courses and bilingual demonstration courses, three demonstration teaching centre, five teaching teams, and one experimental site for talents training.

In the recent five years, the university has been responsible for more than 1,504 research projects, including 58 NSFC projects, 229 provincial projects, published more than 318 monographers and textbooks, over3,600 papers.

The university has insisted on an open way to run the school, establishing in succession friendly inter- university relationships and scholarly exchange and co-operation relationships with more than 30 universities in the USA, Uk ,Japan, south Korea, New Zealand and others countries and regions. It has thus made great achievements in personnel exchanges, united cultivation of postgraduate of united construction.

In future, the university will insist on following the important instruction of The 18th National Congress of the CPC, sticking to the right school-running direction and fully implementing the party’s educational policies, the national and provincial plans for the long-term educational reforms. According to “the development ideas of one strategic target, one strategic layout of a centre with two wings and five strategic standpoints”, the university strives to strengthen its development by promoting school-running characteristics, improving the quality of education and teaching standards. Binzhou Medical University will Endeavour to build a satisfactory medical university and make a greater economic and social contributions to the national and regional development.

The university insists on taking high moral value establishment and talent cultivation as the fundamental task of education, adhering to such educational concept as to “take the principle of people foremost, perform qualities education in all aspects, and realize the unity of basic theoretic knowledge and practice and innovation abilities, the unity of all –round devolvement and individuality development, and the unity of scientific spirit and humanism”. It will constantly deepen its teaching reform, strengthen teaching management, improve school-running conditions, perfect t5he guarantee system of teaching quality, and endeavor to “cultivate quality talents with quality education.

The university is in line with the international standard of medical education and has completed the revision of the talent program (2008 edition, 2012 edition) which lay stress on the combination of knowledge, ability and quality.

A Schedule of Subjects for Undergraduate at the University



Clinical Medicine

Clinical Medicine (Orientation to general practice)

Nursing Science



Traditional Chinese Medicine(Orientation to the combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

Information Management and System

Clinical Anesthesiology

Medical Imaging

Law ( Orientation to Medical Law)

Statistics (Orientation to health statistics)

English (Orientation to Medical English)

Pharmacology (Orientation to Clinical Pharmacy)

Applied Psychology (direction of clinical psychology)

Public Administration

Preventive Medicine

Labor and Social Security

Rehabilitation Treatment

Visual Optics

Laboratory Medicine


Special Education

Hearing and speech rehabilitation


Grape and wine project

Characteristics Subjects at National Level


Clinical Medicine

Nursing Science


Characteristics Subjects at Provincial Level


Clinical Medicine

Nursing Science


Medical Imaging


Quality Courses at Provincial Level in Shandong Province

Histology and Embryology






Surgical Nursing Science

Medical Nursing Science

Developmental Biology

Molecular Biology

Cell Biology




Medical Immunology

Human Development(Histology and Embryology)

Obstetrics and Gynecology Gynaecology

Topographic Anatomy


General Surgery

Systematic Anatomy

Analytical Chemistry

Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Nuclear Medicine

Medical Imaging Technology

Medical Imaging Diagnosis

Imaging Anatomy

Teaching Teams at Provincial Level in Shandong

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Clinical Nursing

Medical Imaging

Medical Morphology


Prominent Teachers at Provincial Level in Shandong

Liu Guixiang

Wang Xinghua

Feng Xuebin

Zhang Shuping

Jia Xiuhong

Wu Shuhua

Ma Chunlei

Demonstration Courses of Bilingual Teaching in Shandong

Medical Immunology

Centers of Experimental Teaching Demonstration at Provincial Level in Shandong

Center for Practical Training of Clinical Skills

Centers for Experimental Teaching of Stomatology

Centers for the Experimental Teaching of Basic Medical Science

Teaching Contingent

The university insists on the conception that “human resource is the first resource”, which considers talent cultivation as its most important strategic point in promoting school development. Sticking to the principle of cultivation, introduction and employment, the university carries out its "High-level Talents program” and “Plan to support Academic Backbones as Leading Teachers of Disciplines”, “Plan to Construct High Level Innovation Teams” and the “ Plan to Train Middle-aged and young Backbone Teachers”, strengthening faculty building and talent training.

Service Society

As the only medical university that owns two university sites in the Blue Economic Zone of Shandong Peninsula and the Yellow River Delta Economic Zone, Binzhou Medical University adheres to the principle of “Aim to serve, progress to contribute”, endeavoring to explore all- dimensional and various social service patterns and promote the combination of medical teaching, research and production. It devotes itself to enhancing the transfer ability of the achievements and strengthening social service functions, making positive contribution to the development of regional economy, especially that of medical and health services.

Disciplines and Scientific Research

For recent five years, the university has undertaken 1,504 scientific research projects, 58 National Science Fund Project, 229 provincial level project, 374 bureau level projects; won 19 provincial level academic prizes, 22 provincial teaching awards; editing Chinese Medical Encyclopedia, published 318 monographs and text books, 3600 academic papers where about 600 of them recorded or reprinted in SCI.

School-running Conditions

At Present, the university has a gross floor area of 2000 units of area and constructive area of 63,000 square meters approximately. Its fixed assets are totally 1.25 billion RMB; in particular, its teaching and apparatuses and facility count for 210 billion RMB in total, its library has a collection of 2.4 million volumes. The university has two directly affiliated hospitals. Binzhou Medical University Hospital is a provincial-level upper first-class hospital. As the centre for medicine, teaching, research, health care and rehabilitation in North Shandong, it is now being built into biggest medical centre in the Yellow River Delta Economic Zone. Yantai Affiliated Hospital of Binzhou Medical University is the only provincial –level upper first-class hospital within the area and the new hospital will come into use in 2014.

Open courses

The university insists on such conception as to “ go outwards, opportunities are unlimited, the space is unlimited , and resources are unlimited”, and sticks to such exchange and co-operation as equally mutual benefits, mutually supplemented advantages, shared resources and common development. At present, it has established in succession friendly inter-university relationships and scholarly exchange and co-operation relationships with university in the USA, UK, Japan, and South Korea, New Zealand and other countries and regions. It has thus made great achievements in personnel exchanges, and projects of united construction.


The university, aiming at building up the university culture which accords with the spirit of the time, the characteristic of BMU and charm of the humanity, compacts educational concept and university’s spirit. It build a brand of kind-heatedness, arouses kind-heartedness of teachers and students and blends kind-heartedness in every section of school’s education, management and service, which provides dynamism and firm culture guarantee to stimulate school’s connotative development the quality of talent fosterage.

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