A Brief Look at MBBS in Kazakhstan

  • Number of Universities: WHO approved
  • Recognition: NMC (MCI), ECFMG, FAIMER, WDOMS
  • Course Duration: 5 Yr MBBS +1 Yr Internship
  • Average cost of stay (Fee included): 18-32 lakhs
  • Intake: February & September

There are some crucial features which also be to be the Reasons to study MBBS in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan has numerous government- funded universities, and some universities are recognised by the NMC. scholars aren't needed to appear for any language proficiency tests to get admission to a good medical university in Kazakhstan. The medium of instruction in the medical universities in Kazakhstan is English, and this makes it easier for the Indian scholars to study in Kazakhstan. Indian scholars get transnational exposure, and it must also be noted that Kazakhstan is a safe country for Indian scholars.

Why MBBS In Kazakhstan?

Moment, Kazakhstan is counted among the top choices for MBBS Abroad by transnational scholars at low cost. The country consists of numerous top medical universities that offer MBBS, MD, and other medical degrees. Thousands of scholars from numerous countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, etc apply to the medical universities of Kazakhstan to pursue their medical degrees abroad. The quality of medical education handed in the universities of Kazakhstan is similar to the European norms. The medical universities of Kazakhstan are honored by the world’s major associations including WDOMS, MCI( NMC), ECFMG, FAIMER, etc, and the Medical Councils of numerous other countries.

The duration of the complete MBBS course in Kazakhstan is 6 times. The first five times of MBBS are concentrated on tutoring the basics of medical lores and clinical studies while the last time is fully concentrated on hands- on training in the combined hospitals. numerous aspiring scholars who wish to pursue MBBS from Kazakhstan are primarily grounded on the fact that utmost of the universities give real- life case studies and clinical knowledge during their entire term of education. The medical scholars who graduate from the medical university of Kazakhstan are eligible to appear in the major medical examinations like the USMLE, PLAB, and also the webbing examination conducted by the National Board of Examinations, India, under the directive of the Medical Council of India. Medical graduates from a Medical University in Kazakhstan can apply for a job in any part of the world. Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan will give a plethora of openings to Indian scholars by virtue of the recognition from top medical councils across the globe.

Reasons to choose MBBS in Kazakhstan

  • Kazakhstan has the most dependable quality education, and the expenditure of medical training in Kazakhstan is low.
  • Kazakhstan has multitudinous government- funded medical sodalities, and bodies like NMC and WHO perceive numerous medical sodalities.
  • The language of guidance in Kazakhstan medical sodalities is English, making it simple for Indian scholars to study in Kazakhstan’s medical sodalities.
  • Kazakhstan has an excellent frame, and the general climate in Kazakhstan is pleasurable.
  • Kazakhstan MBBS course has further emphasis on the logical corridor of training.
  • The typical general cost for essential particulars in Kazakhstan is also low.
  • Traveling to Kazakhstan is not worrisome as there are numerousnon-stop breakouts from India to Kazakhstan.
  • scholars have an volition to pick caravansaries or any apartments to live in with high- class faculty and safe living.
  • multitudinous sodalities, enough much every council and academy, have an Indian mess, and in this way, there's no issue for any Indian pupil about their life of lingo.
  • multitudinous scholars search for part- time jobs for their charges or some different reasons. There's no compelling reason to go house to house for externships since council gives low conservation occupations. You need to apply for that.
  • Top Medical Universities in Kazakhstan are honored by MCI, WHO, UNESCO and are enlisted with the World Directory of Medical Schools( WDOMS).
  • MBBS in Kazakhstan is affordable. The complete course of MBBS in Kazakhstan from any top medical university in Kazakhstan can be completed in 15 lacs * onwards.
  • The medium of instruction for MBBS In Kazakhstan is English.
  • Top Medical Universities in Kazakhstan give world- class installations to Indian scholars traveling for MBBS in Kazakhstan.
  • Universities for MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian scholars give hotel installations for Indian scholars with world- class amenities.
  • scholars traveling for MBBS in Kazakhstan get a Degree of MD Physician from top medical universities of Kazakhstan that are honored in all corridor of the world.
  • Top Medical universities of Kazakhstan give MCI guiding.

Benefits of MBBS from Kazakhstan

Encyclopedically honored Degrees

The degrees that are awarded after scholars complete their medical studies, are conceded encyclopedically as the Top Medical Universities of Kazakhstan are approved by the Medical Council of India( MCI) enlisted with World Directory of Medical Schools( WDOMS) and other general medical councils.

Provident Cost of Education & Living

What you pay in India per time to study MBBS is just a little lower than what you pay for studying MBBS in Kazakhstan for a complete 5- time to study the same syllabus. Not just the education figure but also other charges like trip charges, accommodation settlements, food charges are also fairly lower in Kazakhstan than other countries.

Indian Food

You'll get Indian food cooked by Indian cookers in the hotel lot. You'll get dishes similar as dal, chapati, rice, etc. Both veg andnon-veg food will be available.

Advanced learning ways

There are numerous foreign countries that offer ultramodern and better literacy ways to educate the present generation. These new literacy ways attract the present generation to conclude for MBBS in Kazakhstan. Medical Universities of Kazakhstan, have ultramodern laboratories with world- class installations which give a good atmosphere for doing exploration.

Excellent Pupil- schoolteacher rate-

Though the pupil- schoolteacher rate is always disposed in Indian sodalities, but in Kazakhstan, it's excellent for the scholars i.e. 112. Then they get a chance for particular guidance- one on one with the professed faculty members, therefore allowing preceptors to give personalized attention to each pupil.

Medium of Instruction

Medium of Instruction - In all the Top Medical Universities of Kazakhstan, English is used as a medium of instruction, which reduces the chances of the language hedge in the entire academic duration. scholars studying MBBS in medical universities of Kazakhstan are also tutored the original language so that they won't face any issues in their clinical reels; where they've to communicate with the original cases.

Reputed Medical Universities of Kazakhstan offers a quality education at an affordable cost from a longer period of time.

Courses for Local Language

It's a fact that English is used as a medium of instruction in all the Top Medical Universities of Kazakhstan but for communication purposes during the externship, scholars have to learn the original language- Kyrgyz. So, transnational scholars are tutored the original language also during their course.

Great Practical Exposure

Exercising the theoretical knowledge at good hospitals, is a veritably important part of your academics. scholars will have great practical exposure at colorful associated hospitals of the Top Medical Universities in Kazakhstan.

Favourable climatic conditions

Climatic conditions are favorable at Kazakhstan, especially for Indian scholars, as it's identical to the climate of North India.

No fresh Entrance test

All medical applicants from India who wanted to study MBBS in Kazakhstan gets direct admission for MBBS without any fresh entrance examinations. You aren't needed to pass any entrance test for studying MBBS in Kazakhstan or during your studies in Kazakhstan.

Education Offered To scholars For MBBS In Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Universities aren't offering admission- grounded MBBS literacy for Medical scholars, but they offer some literacy to excellent scholars at the end of the time. 5 times MBBS/ BDS Degree Program, including clinical externship or clinical gyration. Kazakhstan is a famed aspiration for Medical examination in English Medium for worldwide scholars, particularly for Pakistani and Indian scholars, given the moderate MBBS freights; most medical sodalities are Government sodalities with Top worldwide positioning. The central matter is WHO and PMC authorize all the Medical sodalities, Kazakhstan is lined by five As a autonomous state, Kazakhstan is a mainstream, unitary established democracy. It contains 12 homes and one tone- ruling democracy. The capital of Kazakhstan is Tashkent.


Medical College has an affordable hotel system and Cafeterias serve multilateral cookeries with aseptic conditions. caravansaries aremulti-storied, beautifully designed and adequately furnished according to the requirements of the scholars. Medical College always precedences pupil’s requirements and preference It has separate caravansaries for Girls and boys. transnational scholars are housed at a separate block in the hotel. Three-fabled Boys ’ Hostel is located on the bank of the lake inside the lot and three-fabled Girls ’ Hostel is positioned besides the College structure. Well trained culinarians and applicable staffs are available for both the caravansaries . A unanimous and comfortable terrain is assured for scholars from both home and abroad. International Medical College caravansaries are well secured and safe and under protection 24 × 7. Common recreation apartments, rest apartments, inner game installations, out-of-door game installations with handbasket ball court, playground for justice and football are each available on the lot. A spa is also located within the sanitarium which can be used by scholars and croakers as per their convenience.

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