Taishan Medical University

Taishan Medical University

About Mt. Taishan

Among the numerous famous mountains in china, Mt. Taishan is called the “Father of Mountain” and “Ancestor of Mountain”. Mt. Taishan is located in the center of Shandong Province, east of the North China Plain, lying across the cities of Tai’an, Jinan and Zibo. Its main peak, Jade Emperor Summit, which is within Tai’an City, is about 1532.7 meters (5,029 feet) high. Mt. Taishan was designated as as important scenic spot of China in 1982, the World Natural and Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO in 1987.

Mt. Taishan is a natural museum abounding with cultural relics and artworks. Heavenly Queen Pool, Red Gate Palace, Mid- Heaven Gate. Azure Cloud Temple are powerful examples. Stone carvings include the Buddhist Diamond Sutra in jing Shi Valley, the Scripture of Mt. Taishan and the Mo Ya Tablet. Besides Historic relics, Mt. Taishan Boasts unique natural scenery too. The lofty peaks, deep valleys, spectacular, waterfalls, enchanting rocks and the centuries-old pines and cypresses will undoubtedly encourage you linger with no thought of leaving.

About Tai’an City

Tai’an is a prefecture level city is western Shanding province, People’s Republic of China. Because of its important graphical position and convenient traffic conditions, Tai’an becomes the indispensable part of the Eastern Coastal Economy Belt and the Economic Zone around the Bohai Sea. Tai’an is remarkable for its culture and tourist resourses, among whichMt. Taishan is popular in the universe.

In 1982, Tai’an has been University Profile. Taishan Medical University(TSMU) was founded in 1974, stemming from Medical School of Huamei Hospital founded in 1891 by missionary physicians from the American Christian Presbyterian church. The campus is Located at the foot of Mt. Taishan, Tai’an, Shandong, provincial capital Jinan to the north and Qufu (hometown of Confucius) to the south. Transportation of Tai’an is International Airport in Jinan, and two or three hours to Beijing or Shanghai by taking the high speed railway.

Taishan Medical University covers an area of 200 hectares with a building area of 780,000 square meters. Fixed assets are worth 1. billion Yuan, including teaching, science and research equipment. 2,560,000 books are stored in the school library including 1,170,000 e-books. The university has one affiliated hospitals, 11 non-direct affiliated hospitals and more then 230 practice and internship bases.

The university has 1500 faculty and staff members. 450 of them are professor and assistant professors, 14 enjoy special government allowances financed by the State Council, one Taishan Scholat and 10 Young Outstanding Contribution Experts awarded by Shandong Government, 7 Excellent Teachers of state-level, and 6 of province-level.15 National Academicians are invited as professors of Taishan Medical University.

There are 16 Colleges or departments in TSMU, covering basic medicine, radiology, nursing, pharmacy, public health, stomatology, sports medicine, bioscience, population and information engineering, foreign language, management, international education, adult education, social science, etc. Attached to the university, there are 17 research departments and institutions, 30 undergraduate subjects. Clinical Medicine, Medical Imaging, Nursing and Pharmacy are state-level and province-level majors. Pharmacology, Physiology and Pathophysiology are part of the Provincial Teaching Team. 11 Shandong Provincial elaborate courses belong to the university. Medical Imaging Technology centre of TSMU number of undergraduate and postgraduate students exceeds 21,000 including international students mainly from Asia, Africa and America.

TSMU started its overseas enrollment with the approval of Ministry of Education in 2000, three years later MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) program was started. In 2003, College of International Education was se up for oversea students management, by end of 2007, the MBBS students has reached to 500. In 2011 Taishan Medical University is authorized into the list of Institution and Scale of Enrollment for Undergraduate Clinical Medicine Programs Taught in English for International Students 2011/2012. In June 2011, TSMU was authorized by national Hanban to hold test for Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK). The University was recognized as one of the first 16 academies and colleges to accept the overseas student scholarship issued by Shandong Province.

We positively develop cooperative education programs with foreign universities. We recruit students majored in Medical Imaging, Nursing, Pharmacy, Marketing Management, Clinical medicine, respectively cooperating with Hertfordshire University of UK Chonbuk National University and Yonsei University of Republic of Korea.

College of International Education

College of International Education was founded in April 2003 for the implementation of International development strategies, promoting high level of International education programs. It is mainly responsible for teaching and management of overseas students education. Nowadays, up to 500 International students from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, U.S.A, Canada, South Korea and other.

College of International Education carriers out a series of exchange activities in academics and management with the relevant departments of TSMU and other universities. Relying on a wealth of education resources. It has made great efforts to open up channels for running schools and has formed in distinctive feature of the international education mode. It has practical and scientific Arrangements for theoretical teaching. Laboratory practical, hospital rotations etc. Today, the number of international students is in creasing year after year, and they have been highly recognized by the international world, and employed mainly by prestigious hospitals or international health organizations. With efforts of all teachers and students, college of International Education is marching toward a more glorious tomorrow!



1. Long-term Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Application prerequisites: Below the age of 40, with a senior high school diploma and excellent academic record, and having passed the entrance ex. amination.

Application materials:

Taishan Medical University Application form for international students, a personal resume, high school diploma, official transcripts for the last three years of senior high school, a letter of recommendation from the applicant's graduating high school, three passport-sized photos, and photocopy of passport.

The submitted materials must be original document or notarized copies, and may be either in Chinese or English.

Application Submission period:

Applicants are required to submit application material to international Exchange office before July 1.


2.Short –term Programs

Application fee:

USD30 (cash or traveler’s check).

No reimbursement.

Application prerequisites:

For Master’s program:

Below the age of 45, with a Bachelor’s degree, and having passed the entrance examination of Chinese for master candidates.

Application materials:

For Master’s program:

Taishan Medical University Application from for International Students, a personal resume, graduation certificate and Bachelor’s degree diploma, official undergraduate academic transcripts a photocopy of passport, and two letter of recommendation from the applicant's professors (associate or higher rank), or from persons of similar standing.

The applicant should be senior high school graduate in the age bracket of 18-50, he/she should be healthy so as to pursue their study in university; copies of applicant's academic credentials and passport should be submitted.

Notification of admission:

Upon acceptance, the University will send by mail a “Notification of Admission to Taishan Medical University”, a “Visa Application Form for Foreigner Students” (Form Jw202). a “ Physical Examination Form”, and Related materials by the end of June.

Registration Period: Early September

Student visa application procedure:

Apply for an “X” (“xuesheng”) visa at Chinese Embassy or Consulate with Photo copies of the following documents: the “ Notification of Admission to Taishan Medical University” Form Jw202, the physical examination form and results of your blood chemistry tests. Keep the originals since you must bring them with you and submit them upon arrival and Registration at TSMU.

Note: Students who plan to study more than half a year at Taishan Medical University must apply for an “X” visa (“F” is for students who planned duration of study is 180 days or less); students who hold any other type of visa will not be able to complete registration formalities.


All students must register within register period specified in the Notification of Admission to Taishan Medical University, and submit the original copies of their Notification of admission to Taishan Medical University, “Form JW202 physical examination form with results of blood chemistry tests, and ten passport-sized photos.

Fees of tuition and housing be paid to full at the time of registration. Please ask for permission the University advance; otherwise no-shows are considered to have voluntarily their applications.


  1. Undergraduate Program Tuition: Taught In English : 20,000 RMB/academic year.
  2. Master Program Tuition: 22,500RMB/academic year
  3. Accomodation Fee:

    Long term programs:

    single room:11,000RMB/academic year,

    double room: 5500RMB/academic year,

    Short term program:

    30/60RMB/day/person(it depends)

  4. Incidentals:

    Application fee 30USD, Registration fee 240RMB,Insurance 600RMB,Dom deposit500RMB, Residence permit 4 Books:it depends.

    Note: The tuition and accommodation are changeable according to National policy and our university situation

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