Frequently Asked Questions

No there's no entrance test to study MBBS at Uzbekistan; if you're an Indian pupil you just need to be NEET good.

To reach University you can conclude for any of the following transnational airfields- Bukhara International Airport, Samarkand International Airport, Tashkent International Airport, and Fergana International Airport.

If you're an Indian pupil you need to be NEET good to study MBBS abroad in any country.

Yes the medical degree from Uzbekistan is honored by WHO, NMC( India) & Ministry of Advanced and Secondary Specialized Education, Uzbekistan

Each College library of the Uzbekistan has fund of 286000 books. There are 5 reading halls and the newest collection of papers on drug in the electronic library.

In downtime leaves for transnational scholars staying in the dormitory of the Institute trip is organized around the megacity of College by the administration of the institute. Foreign scholars also get to share in the New Year fests in the megacity.

transnational scholars are tutored the MBBS program at Uzbekistan in complete English language for 5 times.

You can communicate us by filling out a “Request Information” form on our sanctioned website or you can directly reach to The Career Makers offices across India.

The average cost of studying MBBS in Uzbekistan is approx. twenty Lakhs.

After the new NMC Gazette, MBBS for Indian scholars in Uzbekistan is of 6 Years (5 + 1).

Yes, Uzbekistan MBBS is valid in India if the university follows the points mentioned in the new NMC Gazette.

The study of MBBS is exceptionally good in Uzbekistan. numerous Indian scholars are presently pursuing advanced studies there.

Uzbekistan is a perfect nation to study. It has central Asia’s oldest education institution, which shows its roots are deeply bedded in history with a world center of education.

The ministry of health and education approves medical sodalities in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistani people speak Uzbek language. It's the only sanctioned language of the country. numerous Words are like Russian because it was the part of former USSR.

The average cost of living in Uzbekistan is Approx.,6000 to,10000 Indian rupees.

It's safe to live in Uzbekistan after MBBS because the crime position is low, the armature is excellent, Locals are nice and sociable towards outlanders.

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