Xiamen Medical University

Xiamen Medical University

About Xiamen University

Xiamen University, founded in 1921 by tan kah kee, the well-known patriotic overseas Chinese leader, as the first university in china founded by an overseas. Xiamen University is a key comprehensive university directly affiliated to the Ministry of Education of china, and ranked in the top 16th of the over 2000 university and colleges in china. Xiamen University is a first-class, comprehensive university with extensive international influence. The university lies between the foot of green hills and the blue sea. With its campus on either side of Xiamen bay, Xiamen University is proud of its reputation as having the most beautiful university campuses in china, even in Asia.

The university has a strong team of academic and administrative staff, making it possible to provide a full range of educational programmes. The Xiamen University covers 25 school or colleges consisting of 64 departments, together with 10 research institutes and centers. The university offers 82 undergraduates programmes, 279 graduate programmes, and 185 PhD programmes. The university has first-class staff including over 2,475 full-time academic and research staff, of whom 22 are academicians of the China

Academy of Engineering. The university is proactive in bringing in high-level professionals from overseas, who, in conjunction with those with a PhD from an overseas university are playing an increasingly important role. The university has a current total enrolment of over 38,000 full-time student, including over 2,500 overseas student on 3 campuses with an area of over 600 hectares.

Over recent years, as Xiamen University has worked to become more international, it has established co-operative ties with over 170 institutions of higher education both at home and abroad. It has formed a multi-lateral co-operative relationship with seven other universities around the world by signing of the agreement on the global U7 consortium in 2004. Xiamen University has set up 13 Confucius Institutes around the world which play an important role in promoting international cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world. They include the Confucius institutes at San Diego State university and at Delaware University in the USA, at the University at Cardiff in the UK, at University Trier in Germany, and at L’Uniersite Paris oust Nanterre La defense in France

The university is for going ahead towards its goal of “building a high-level university well-known both at home and abroad”, and warmly welcomes international students to study in its beautiful campus!

International Students

The university has more than 2,000 overseas students from over 100 countries, of whom over 1190 are Asian, over 230 are European, over 90 are American, and over 80 are African. They are majoring in undergraduate, masters and doctoral programs in English and Chinese medium.

Sister University

The university has international co-operative ties with over 170 institutions of higher education both at home and abroad.

Beautiful "Garden on the sea" Most comfortable city in china

Xiamen is recognized as the most comfortable western city or modern city in southeast china, and one of china’s Special Economic Zones. It faces Taiwan Island across the Taiwan Strait.

Xiamen lies in the sub-tropical zone, giving it a maritime climate and pleasant, spring-like weather all year around, with an average annual temperature of 21C. Xiamen has been awarded the “UN Habitat Scroll of Honor Award”, the titles of “International Garden City” and “China Excellent Tourism City” Former US President Nixon once called Xiamen an “Oriental Hawaii”.

Xiamen is one of the five historical treaty ports set up by the western powers and the integration of the ancient Minnan Culture with modern western culture has created a unique landscape and the city environment. The simple and honest way of life and delightful living environment have made Xiamen one of the best location in which to live, study and work in the world

Xiamen was one of the first Special Economic Zone to be opened up to the world, and every year on September 8th, the china International Fair for Investment and Trade, under the Ministry of Commerce is held in Xiamen, attracting many thousand people from around the world to come to invest and do business here.

Xiamen not only has extensive cultural and recreational facilities such as parks, concert halls, museums, exhibition centers, sports centers and golf courses, but it also celebrates various traditional festivals and hosts colorful cultural all year round. The annual Xiamen International Marathon in January attracts runners from all over the world.


There are many scholarships such as Chinese government scholarships, China scholarship council (CSC) enrolment, Confucius scholarship, Xiamen University scholarship for international students which covers full and partial tuition fees, hostel fees, student can apply to their nearest Chinese embassy or consulates, China scholarship council before admission,. They can also apply Xiamen university scholarship after one year in XMU.

Tuition Fee

38000 RMB/Year

Hostel Fee

1600RMB/ Twin bed


Indian, Chinese, Muslim Canteen are available in university. It cost around USD $ 600/ Year.

Estimated cost

USD $ 22000

Duration of course

Total course is 6 year including one-year internship. Internship can be done in Xiamen University or in their home countries

Application fees, insurance, visa extension fees, registration, foreign teachers fund and regulation of university

Hostel surroundings

The overseas student’s apartments of the Xiamen Main Campus Building- are set in picturesque surroundings and enjoy sea views and fresh sea air. The dorms are well-equipped with modern facilities, including telephones, air-conditioning, cable TV, Internet access points and separate toilets. The overseas Student service center provides excellent services including dining rooms, coffee bars, and shops providing for daily necessities.

Climate and environment. There is no cold season in Xiamen. Temperature always round 21 degree centigrade in winter while in summer, temperature becomes cool due to sea close by university

XMU E-card

For greater convenience on campus, on presentation of your student card you can set up a “Campus Debit Card” which can be used for shopping in the campus supermarket, eating in the campus refectories, going to Xiamen City without having to carry cash. The card can be used as identity card for entering places such as school libraries

Other Services

Banks and post office are available within the university area. A ticketing service is available near the west gate of the main campus. KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Huts are available just opposite to the main gate of university

Why Xiamen University Medical college?

  1. Government University which is Listed in Medical Council of India, WHO, ECFMG, China etc
  2. It is under both 985 and 211 projects and directly controlled by Ministry of Education [MOE] of China.
  3. Top 6th in China among 2000 Universities and colleges.
  4. No. 14 in whole Asia.
  5. Most beautiful university in China
  6. Quality education with foreign experts from Nepal, India, Bangladesh African countries etc.
  7. Recognized by Saudi Arabic Ministry of Health.
  8. Authorized by MOE of China to teach Western Medicine [MBBS] in English Medium.
  9. Reasonable fee structure.

Education and syllabus

Experience Chinese professors and foreign experts from India, Nepal, Bangladesh etc provide the intensive medical education which will be more beneficial to pass their own countries medical licensing examinations

Basic Medicine

(First two years)

Anatomy (embryology, histology), Biochemistry, Physiology, Public health, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Pathology, Behavioural science etc.

Clinical Medicine

(After two year)

Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Neurology, Emergency medicine, Forensic Medicine, Radiology etc.

Syllabus is based on South Asian and USMILE pattern; and students are encouraged to apply USMILE part 1 after 3 year of study.

Student don’t need to pass HSK; Chinese language test before graduation


Students can carry and use the books based on South Asian curriculum or worldwide standard, or even can borrow from the university library

Admission Procedure

  1. Contact The Career Makers Official Representative of Xiamen University in India.

  2. Academic transcripts during high school with Biology group with A or B grades. Transcripts in language other than Chinese or English must have notarized translations into Chinese or English attested.

  3. Copy of valid foreign passport

  4. Foreigner Physical Examination from please see (, completed in Chinese or English. (Please keep the original)

  5. Assurance Certificate of Financial Liability: the applicants must have sufficient funds to cover all tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses during study in Xiamen University

Visa Procedure

Successful candidates must take the admission notice, visa application from Jw202, copy of physical examination record and a valid passport to their local Chinese embassies or consulates to apply for a study visa (X visa).


Xiamen international airports, which is only 15 minutes by taxi from Xiamen University, is an important regional air-transport hub for east china, operating 167 air routes to 84 cities on the Chinese mainland, as well as to India, Taipei, Hong Kong, Macau, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Kuala, Lumpur, Singapore, Manila, Jakarta and Bangkok. It has rail link across China giving access to main cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou.

However it takes 3-7 hours by train, 1.30 hours by air from Shanghai and 5-7 hours by train and 1 hour by air from Guangzhou international airport

For more detail contact your admission representatives or visit or

168, Daxue Road, Medical College of Xiamen University, Xiamen City

Fujian Province, P.R. China 361005, phone -+0086-592-2181505

Fax-+0086-592-2186786, Email-

The Career Makers

DELHI: 104, South Plaza 2, South Ex-II, Mob. : 09818152388

FARIDABAD :207, Dwarka Complex, Sec -16 Mkt., Mob: 09873441852

PATNA: 103, Emarat Firdouse, Opp. Ashoka, Palace, Exhibition Road Mob: 09334830952, 09471865123

JAIPUR: 124, 2nd Floor, Gurtej Tower, Mob.: 09357285165

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