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1. Technical University of Munich
Technische Universität München

Technical University of Munich is largely– regarded as one of the stylish universities in Europe, known for excellence in explorationtutoring, and gift creation. With 15 different faculties, it encompasses around,705 scholars across all its degree programmes, 32 of which are transnational scholars. This university has 566 professors in staff who deliver high– quality tutoring necessary to scholars who want to exceed in their dream career. The charge statement of this university is “ We invest in giftKnowledge is our gain. ” Technical University of Munich offers degree programmes in the following fields of study

Computer Science
Construction Geo Environment
Aviation, Space Travel and Geodesy
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sports and Health lores

2. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Ludwig- Maximilians- Universität München

This university is positioned in the heart of Europe and it’s one of the leading exploration universities in Europe. LMU Munich has over 500 times of traditionoffering some of the loftiest norms in tutoring and explorationtransnational scholars at this university make up 15 of the entire pupil population and are around,000 in number. Ludwig Maximilian University has close pots with a number of mate universities, around 400 worldwide. This is an advantage to the scholars of the university who get to enjoy the exchange and common degree programmes. This university offers courses in the following fields of study

unqualified Theology
Protestant Theology
Business Administration – Munich School of Management
Veterinary Medicine
History and the trades
Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and the Study of Religion
Psychology and Educational Sciences
Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics
Study of Culture
Languages and Literatures
Social Sciences
Chemistry and Pharmacy

3. Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg
Ruprecht- Karls- Universität Heidelberg

This university has a long tradition as an internationally acquainted exploration and tutoring institutionoffering a variety of disciplines. With the end of broadening the knowledge and chops of its scholars and preparing them for the future, this university provides qualitative tutoring in its welcoming and comfortable surroundings. University of Heidelberg focuses its attention towards giving equal openings to both men and women and creating a comfortable different and equal community of ambitious individualities. It offers degrees in the following fields of study

Chemistry and Earth Science
Mathematics and Computer Science
Physics and Astronomy
Behavioural and Cultural Studies
Economics and Social lores
Modern Languages
Physics and Astronomy

4. Humboldt University of Berlin
Humboldt- Universität zu Berlin

largely– regarded university with around,475 scholars enrolled in its degree programmes, out of which,610 are transnational scholars. This university has a wellgiven character for its tutoring and exploration with around 420 professors and further than,900 sidekicks tutoring and conducting exploration at Humboldt University of Berlin. Around 18 of the academic staff at this university come from outside of Germany, meaning scholars get to enjoy quality tutoring and an transnational perspective. As graduates, scholars will be professed enough to enter the job request with confidence. At this university, you can choose a degree programme from the following fields of study

Culture, Social lores and Education
Life Sciences
Mathematics and Natural lores
Linguistics and Literature
Business and Economics
Medicine( with a common institution)

5. tackle, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Through exploration and education Karlsruhe Institute of Technology aims to contribute towards working some of the biggest challenges faced by the societyassiduity, as well as the terrain moment. What defines the work of this university is the worldwide exchange of knowledge it offers in addition to the multitudinous transnational exploration systems and its artistic diversitytackle is a university that places emphasis on opening up unique development perspectives for its scholars through early integration into interdisciplinary exploration systems and transnational brigadesalso, you can find degree programmes in the following fields of study at this university

Civil Engineering, Geo- and Environmental lores
Chemistry and Biosciences
Chemical and Reuse Engineering
Humanities and Social lores
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Economics and Management

6. Free University of Berlin
Freie Universitaet Berlin

With its different network, this university has been one of the leading institutions in wisdom and tutoring ever since 2007. It has around,000 scholars across its departments out of which 13 transnational scholars enrolled in its bachelorette programmes and 27 internationals in its master studies. This university wants to insure a unborn worth living for by furnishing effective programmes and icing its scholars acquire the demanded chops to overcome the challenges that face society moment. It offers degree programmes in 11 departmentsincluding drug

Biology, Chemistry, and Pharmacy
Earth lores
Education and Psychology
History and Cultural Studies
Mathematics and Computer Science
Philosophy and Humanities
Political and Social lores
Veterinary Medicine
Business and Economics
Medicine( with a common institution)

7. RWTH Aachen University
Rheinisch- Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen

RWTH Aachen University is internationally known for the degree programmes it offers and the quality of its tutoring and explorationRanked among the top 10 universities in Germany, this university is a place where innovative results are offered to break global challenges. In addition, RWTH Aachen University develops in close connection with the assiduitygiving its scholars indeed more openings to acquire all the chops and knowledge they need to succeed in the global job request. This university has around,628 scholars, with,280 of them being transnational scholars arriving from each over the world. You can find your preferred courses in the following fields of study at this university

Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural lores
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Georesources and Accoutrements Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Arts and Humanities
School of Business and Economics

8. Berlin Institute of Technology
Technische Universität Berlin( TU Berlin)

Located at the center of Europe, this university is known internationally with a sharp profile and a wide range of qualitative degree programmes. Its qualifications give scholars with just the means they need to achieve their dream career. Excellence and quality are what define this university alongside its outstanding achievements in exploration and tutoring. The scholars at this university enjoy a comfortable and different terrain while being enrolled in degree programmes in one of the following fields of study

Humanities and Education
Mathematics and Natural lores
Process lores
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Traffic and Machine Systems
Planning Building Environment
Economics and Management

9. Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen
Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

For over 500 times, this university has been a place of outstanding exploration and excellent tutoring. It’s also known for its innovative and transnational courses and degree programmes that encompass around,196 scholars, among which,779 come from abroad. While pursuing a degree at this university, scholars will be introduced to a welcoming terrainultramodern installationselaborate degree programmes, and an outstanding academic staff. Among a different community of motivated scholarsindividualities get to earn the qualifications that will prove to be useful in moment’s world. At this university, you can pursue your degree in the following fields of study

Protestant Theology
Catholic Theology
Mathematics and Natural lores
Faculty of Economic and Social lores
Medical School

10. Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg
Albert- Ludwigs- Universität Freiburg

innovated in the time 1457, this university offers a different set of degree programmes which are ideal for innovative interdisciplinary studies. You can get your qualification at this university in all the important fields of study currently tutored in well– known experts. University of Freiburg welcomes open– mindedness, pluralism, and transnational exchange. It offers the stylish conditions in explorationtutoringadministration, and continuing education in a drinking and equal terrainCuriosity and openness are what define this university and its achievements. You can enroll in degree programmes at this university in the following fields of study

Economics and Behavioral lores
Mathematics and Physics
Chemistry and Pharmacy
Environment and Natural coffers


University Of Bologna
The University of Bologna is ranked 117th within side the Stylish Global Universities scoresseminaries are ranked in line with their overall performance throughout a hard and fast of considerably commonplace pointerstogether with studies affair and impactguiding exceptional, and worldwide fashionability. The University of Bologna has premises in each Bologna and Cesena. The University of Bologna is one of the zenith universities in Europe. It has a well– regulated choice system this is primarily grounded completely on some of distinctive parameters which include the aspirant s educational record, letters of recommendation, and provocation letter. The choice system may be veritably aggressive, and simplest the great council scholars are admitted to the college

Sapienza University of Rome
The University of Bologna is one of the oldest universities within side the transnational and has been in operation because 1088. It’s likewise one of the maximum prestigious universities in Italy and is ranked 151st within side the Academic Ranking of World Universities via way of means of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Sapienza is one of the maximum notorious universities in Italy. It’s likewise one of the oldest, because it came grounded in 1303. The council has a massive volume of seminaries and gives a huge variety of operations. The accurate issue is that it’s long hauls some distance less delicate to use to the operations of Sapienza than at numerous European universities. Also, as this council can join stacks of council scholarslots of locales are continually available.

Study in Italy at SDA Bocconi
When considering to study in Italy, you ca n’t miss out SDA Bocconi. “ Scuola di Direzione Aziendale ” or the School of Management is one of the most distinguished business seminaries in Italy. It’s also honored by transnational associations like AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS and CSQNet. At present, the university is well established and provides long- lasting creativityknowledge, and chops to its scholarsveritably many universities in Italy give job security to its scholars and Bocconi is one of them. scholars who have entrepreneurial dreams should aim for this university. Read our detailed blog to know all about Bocconi University, its offered programs and entry conditions.

Scuola Normale Superiore Di Pisa
The Scuola Normale Superiore is a council group of better training primarily grounded completely in Pisa and Florence, Tuscany, Italy. It came grounded via way of means of Napoleon I in 1810 and is presently attended via way of means of roughly,000 council scholars. The Scuola Normale Superiore gives undergraduate publications in Humanities, lores, and Economics and graduate publications main to doctoral degrees. The council has a prominent counciltogether with numerous winners of prestigious awards which include the Nobel Prize. The Scuola Normale Superiore has a many specific functions that set it other than different universities in Italy. originally, it simplest admits council scholars who ’ve formerly finished their undergraduate studies. Secondly, it has a fully sturdy knowledge on studies, and outside of the professors are lively experimentersEventually, the Scuola Normale Superiore is placed in Pisa, a city with a fat records and culture.

University Of Padua
The University of Padua is a public council in Padua, Italy. It’s one of the oldest universities encyclopedicallygrounded in 1222. The University of Padua is ranked 151 within side the Academic Ranking of World Universities via way of means of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and has4.1 stars. The University of Padua is one of the maximum prestigious universities in Italy. The attractiveness price on the University of Padua is drop than that of different Italian universities, making it lesser hard to be commonplace into this groupstill, the inordinate stage of training presented at this council makes it really well worth the trouble. The graphic Uni is domestic to a colorful scholar crowd and gives different direction options. What’s lesser, Padua is a great area to live; it’s witching and well– connected, with lots of artistic points of interest and conditioning.

Vita- Salute San Raffaele University
The Vita- Salute San Raffaele University came inaugurated in 1996 with its Psychology directionsnappily accompanied via way of means of the publications of Medicine in 1998 and gospel in 2002. The University has continually been characterised via way of means of a sturdy knowledge on studies and invention. The coaching system is primarily grounded completely on hassle fixing and cooperation, with a regular communicate among preceptors and council scholars. The Vita- Salute San Raffaele University is one of the maximum prestigious universities in Italy. San Raffaele Hospital is a coaching and studies health installation combined with Vita- Salute San Raffaele University, one in all Europe’s outside prestigious universities. The coaching and exercise of humanistic drug are important to our charge. We’re diagnosed as carriers of awful number one care and particularly specialized care in all scientific specialties. The health installation has been ranked utmost of the great encyclopedically for its exceptional of care, affected person safety, and scientific issues.

University of Milan
One of the largest universities in Italy, it has around,000 scholars. It’s a public exploration university with around eight faculties, two seminaries, and 2000 professors. The university is notorious for its scientific productivity, art, and culture. The University is located in structures with ultramodern structure known as “ the City of Studies ”. This university provides a comprehensive literacy experience to its scholars and is the only one in the megacity of Milan, which is also known as the Fashion Capital of the worldmaturity of scholars then are moreover from Asia or Latin America and they feel right at home then.

University of Bologna
It’s honored as the oldest university on the earth. They say it was the first university which chased the term “ Universitas ” to define an institutionstructures of the university are ultramodern and well designed. A maturity of professors then have an outstanding career within their own fields. You’ll be tutored by one of the most passionate preceptors of the world then who can speak English easily. The relations with preceptorspeers and utmost members of this university aren’t only friendly but also abundant in knowledge.

University of Turin
Another option to consider to study in Italy is the University of Turin, this is one of the highest- ranking universities in Italy as well as in Europe. Generallylocals call it UNITO. The university was established 615 times agone and is one of the oldest Italian universities. At present, it provides further than 140 undergraduate and postgraduate programs in colorful fieldsutmost of the courses tutored then are in English. The megacity has a life rich in culture and organizes the Biggest Bookfair of Italy, every May.

Popular Intakes
There are two popular inputs in Italy- September and February. September Input is the most popular input as utmost transnational scholars apply during this period and universities offer maximum programmes to scholars. February is the alternate popular input in Italy as the number of courses and scholars applying are fairly less and the competition is less fierceThen‘s the timeline for the two inputs in Italy

Tor Vergata University Of Rome
The University of Rome Tor Vergata is absolutely engaged in dealing an worldwide size of studies. It participates decreasingly more laboriously in worldwide collaborationsexchanges, and tasks. The University strives to produce an open and charming surroundings for council scholars from each around the transnational. They give a huge variety of publications in English and different languagesscholars also can take part in different artistic and social conditioning. The University is devoted to being an open area to increase superior and exquisite moxie, lifelong literacy, and education for youths. It gives a huge variety of undergraduate and graduate operations in lots of fieldspacing to put together council scholars for his or her fortune professions. In addition to its educational charge, the University also engages in studies and contributes to the fiscal enhancement of the city of Rome and its girding area.

University Of Milano – Bicocca
The University of Milano- Bicocca came grounded on June 10th, 1998, as an tone sufficient association. It’s a public council with over,000 council scholars and,500 group of workers. The University of Milano- Bicocca has 16 departments within side the fields of Economics, Educational lores, Law, Mathematics, Physics, and Natural lores. This makes it one in all the biggest universities in Italy. The council gives undergraduate and graduate operations, in addition to doctoral degrees. It also has a massive worldwide scholar crowd. University of Milano – Bicocca is one of the many universities in Europe that gives all 3 council publications undergraduate, graduate, andpost-graduate. The operations are designed to offer council scholars with the capacities and moxie they want to stand the demanding situations of a complicated and converting transnational.

Politecnico Di Milano
The University, grounded in 1863, has continually targeted at the exceptional and invention of its coaching and studiesgrowing a fruitful courting with enterprise. In fact, Politecnico di Milano is one of the maximum estimable engineering universities in Europe. The council has also been a megahit in attracting zenith council scholars and scholars. The Politecnico di Milano is a council that acknowledges the significance of staying contemporary in technology. They give lots of operations with a purpose to help council scholars acclimatize to the converting sweats request. Their publications are designed to offer council scholars the capacities they want to contend in a worldwide frugality. The Politecnico di Milano is an first– rate desire for council scholars who need to live in advance in moment s aggressive task request. The council gives an ultramodern class with a purpose to put together council scholars for fortune demanding situations.

Sant’Anna School Of Advanced Studies Pisa
The Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies promotes the internationalization of didactics and studies with ultramodern paths within side the fields of council training. The council gives colorful examine operations which can be continuously revised and over to date to satisfy the ultramodern solicitations of the sweats request. The council is particularly certified and endured, and a lot of them are diagnosed professionals of their field. The coaching system is primarily grounded completely on lively literacyhassle– fixing, and pivotal questioning. scholars have get entry to fashionable centers and contrivance and a huge variety of sources that prop their educational trip.

University Of Brescia

The University of Brescia is placed in northwest Italy and gives a huge variety of educational operations with Bachelor’s and Master of Science( MSc) degrees, postgraduate specialized publications, doctoral operations, and summer time season seminaries. The council has a sturdy knowledge on studies, and its seminaries are bothered in lots of cooperative tasks with enterprise and different universities each in Italy and abroad. The University of Brescia is extensively known for its exceptional coaching, ultramodern studies, and affable atmosphere.

University Of Pavia
The University of Pavia( Unipv) is one of the transnational s oldest educational establishmentsgrounded in 1361. It functions multitudinous prestigious scores and has an first– rate fashionability for coaching and studies. The lot is placed in Pavia, Italy, and the council has round,000 council scholars enrolled. There’s a huge variety of undergraduate and postgraduate publications on give, in addition to some of studies operations. The University of Pavia has a fat records and is taken into consideration to be one of the great universities in Europe.

University Of Trento
The University of Trento is placed within side the coronary heart of the Dolomites, one of the transnational’s outside lovely and herbal surroundings. The lot is girdled via way of means of towering peaks and pristine timbersmaking it a great vicinity for council scholars who need

Top Universities in Italy Without IELTS
University of Bologna
University of Milan
University of Florence
University of Pisa
University of Padua
University of Naples Federico II
University of Trento
John Cabot University
Sapienza University of Rome
University of Verona


France has many renowned higher learning institutions scattered around the country – no matter what subjects you wish to study or degree you want to earn. 

We have listed some of the best universities to study in France.

1.Université PSL (Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University)

2.Ecole Polytechnique (ParisTech)

3.Sorbonne University


5.École Normale Supérieure de Lyon

6.Sciences Po Paris

7.TELECOM ParisTech

8.Ecole des Ponts ParisTech

9.Université de Paris (University of Paris)

10.Université Paris-Sud 11


The University believes in conducting practical knowledge to its scholarsLet us tell you commodity eye– opening! “99.61 of the graduates of Turiba University are employed encyclopedically. ” Is n’t it amazing? The university specializes in International Tourism, Law, Business Administration, and Communication. Besides these benefits, they also give an electronic library, which is accessible from any part of the world by using the computer and internet.

University of Daugavpils
One of the largest indigenous public exploration universities to study in Latvia, the University of Daugavpils was established 98 times ago for profitpresently, the university has premises in Jelgava, Dobele, Balvi, Madona, Rezekne, Limbazi and Riga. scholars can enroll in maidsmasters, and indeed doctorate position programs then, you’ll have to prepare yourself for an entry position examination for admission to the programs. The university has the following faculties
• Social lores
• Humanities
• Music and trades
• Education and operation
• Natural lores and Mathematics
Riga Technical University
innovated 157 times ago in Riga, it was preliminarily known as Riga Polytechnical Institute. At present, the university has the following faculties
• Architecture
• Civil Engineering
• Power and Electrical Engineering
• Computer Science and Information Technology
•E-Learning Technologies and Humanities
• Engineering Economics and Management
• Mechanical Engineering and Transport & Aeronautics
• Accoutrements Science and Applied Chemistry
Latvia has generated numerous IT graduates in recent times, the university can be credited for these sweats and changes. It has been furnishing specialized courses at an affordable education figure for numerous times. A number of Indian scholars studying there claim that the cost of education invested there would amount to the same price that they would end up spending in their home country.
Art Academy of Latvia
This leading art and design Institution of Latvia was established 100 times agone . It can be said that the university is responsible for the nation’s cultural influence. It provides a safe space where scholars from an art background can show their gift. At present, the university has the following faculties
• Design
• Audio-visual Media Art
• Plastic trades
• Visual trades
• History and proposition of Art


Cyprus has an immense number of public and private universities you can choose from. There are sodalities and institutes that have partnered with UK and USA universities as well. From courses in business operation to travel and hospitality, every Cypriot University provides an expansive number of parchment, undergraduate and postgraduate courses you can choose from!
Then‘s the list of major Cypriot universities promising an excellent education as well as assiduity exposure for those coming to study in Cyprus

Cyprus University of Technology
University of Cyprus
Dogu Akdeniz University
Cyprus International University
Frederick University
European University Cyprus
Cyprus International Institute of Management
College of Tourism and Management
Girne University
Lefke Avrupa University


University of Malta
Having a history of conducting excellence in education for 400 times on Maltese islet, the University of Malta is the leading educational institute in the country.
Ranked 601- 800 order by the Times Higher Education ranking 2020, the university offers a range of degree programs at the bachelorette’s, masters and doctoral situations.
To meet the educational need of the country, this university is run by the government.
With 14 faculties, 18 Institutes, 13 Centers and 3 seminaries, the University of Malta is considered the stylish institute to study in the European country.

American University of Malta
Another option to study in Malta is the American University of Malta which is relatively a fairly newer private institution that was established in the time 2015.
The university aims at preparing scholars for the challenges in the assiduity while exposing them to the exploration– acquainted class.
scholars looking for robust courses in colorful disciplines can witness a comprehensive class at the university.
Offering a wide variety of courses in colorful fields, AUM is known for its undergraduate as well as postgraduate programs in Business Management and Engineering.
Other courses that the university offers include Game Development, Graphic Design and Animation.

Malta College of trades, Science and Technology( MCAST)
The Malta College of trades, Science, and Technology was established in the time 2015 to make education accessible to everyone anyhow of age and work.
Offering part– time as well as full– time courses in a range of disciplines, the university also offers the option of customizing a course where a pupil gets to choose from the list of subjects like Applied lores, Creative trades, IICT, Business Management and Commerce, Engineering and Transport, Community Services, Aquatics and Marine creatures, Agriculture,etc.
piecemeal from this, MCAST also offers artificial training courses aimed at equipping scholars with the needed chops to start their career in the separate field.
Being workers and women willing to renew their careers can also