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MBBS in Mauritius - Overview

  • Get a world-class, Internationally-recognized education
  • Quality of education constantly monitored by the Tertiary Education Commissions (TEC)
  • Low Tuition Costs
  • Living Cost from USD 250 to USD 275 monthly
  • Good weather for Indian students
  • Excellent Infrastructure in Mauritius
  • Social and Political Stability

Key lodestones Of Education in Mauritius

  • Quality Education.
  • Affordable and Advanced literacy
  • 20hrs/week part time work
  • No IELTS of TOEFL Exams
  • No Visa Interviews
  • Affordable Fee
  • Over 700 courses in different fields available
  • Pay Course Fee only after Visa
  • Job Opportunities and Global Exposure
  • Fast Track Visa
  • JOB Opportunity

Explore Mauritius

Why Study In Mauritius Located in the Indian Ocean and served by air breakouts across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, Mauritius is a mix of different societies and persuasions, where people of different origins live together in harmony and peace. The country has sculpted a character of being socially, economically and politically stabletherefore making study in Mauritius largely sought after. Mauritius is one of the stylish places in South Asia for pursuing a full– fledged academic course. It offers a wide range of courses to suit your requirements and provides with unrivaled openings. Mauritius is fluently accessible and is accessibly connected with diurnal direct breakouts around the worldTop courses to study in Mauritius for Indian scholars include Tourism Administration Tourism covers the fundamentals of each assiduity including Tourism Economics, Food Service, and Legal Issues. This course can help you develop the operation and entrepreneurship chops necessary to work in establishments related to the field. Information Technology IT( information technology) is the broad subject concerned with all aspects of managing and recycling informationespecially within a large association or companyInformation technology( IT) is the use of any computers, storehouse, networking and other physical biasstructure and processes to produceprocessstoresecure and exchange all forms of electronic data. Master’s in Business Administration( MBA) The Master of Business Administration( MBA) is an internationally- honored degree designed to develop the chops needed for careers in business and operation. It can also be useful in the public sectorgovernmentprivate assiduity, and other areas. MBA includes Accounting, Economics, Marketing, and Operations, as well as optional courses that allow actors to follow their own particular or professional interests. MBA International Business The Master of International Business(M.I.B. or MIB) is designed to develop the capabilities and coffers of directors in the global frugality. This study in Mauritius for Indian scholars is ideal for those seeking to establish or accelerate a career in transnational business. Financial Management Finance involves the creationoperation and study of plutocrat, banking, creditinvestmentsmeans and arrearsfiscal operation refers to the effective and effective operation of plutocratfinances) in such a manner as to negotiate the objects of the associationCost Below given is the education cost to study in Mauritius for Indian scholars Education freights Education freights ranges from 250000 MUR to 300000 MUR. Living Charges quantum in MUR quantum in INR Accommodation 3500 per month 7000 per month trip with in Mauritius MUR 400 by one way for trip from. hack and MUR 15 for Bus trip one way Rs 800 by one way for trip from Taxi and 30Rs for Bus trip one way Food MUR 6000 per month Rs 12000 per month Wireless Internet MUR 200 per month Rs 400 per month Laundry MUR 200 per month Rs 400 per month Total MUR 10300 per month Rs 20600 per month Admission Procedure The operation procedure to study in Mauritius for transnational scholars is given below Step 1 • Filled up operation form • List of Documents • 10th mark distance & 10th instrument • 12th Mark distance & 12th Certificate • scale Mark wastes( if applying for Post graduate course) • Graduation Certificate( if applying for Post graduate course) • Experience Certificate( If Any) • Passportoverlook Copy of Front & Back Page) • rearmost CV Step 2 operation figure Step 3 Interview( If neededStep 4 Offer Letter Step 5 figure payment Step 6 Visa Process Education System: Primary Education The Mauritian education system is grounded on the British model and has remained a precedence since independence. It’s also free in principle at state institutionsChildren enter primary academy at the age of 5, where they study for 6 times towards their instrument of primary education in languages that include English, French, Geography, History, Mathematics and Science. Secondary Education The 6- times of secondary training cleave to the British model too. After the first 4 of these, scholars write their O- situations in at least 6subjects.However, they may remain for the final 2 times, in medication for theA-Level examinations administered by the University of Cambridge, If they wish to. Vocational Education The artificial training board is an ISO9001-pukka parastatal that provides training, consulting and train– the- coach services throughout Mauritius. It exists to enhance the islet nation’s skill baseTertiary Education There are a number of tertiary institutions on Mauritius, including institutes of education, and of traditional studiesOther installations include distance literacy centres and polytechnics to study in Mauritius. Visa Below given is the visa process in order to study in Mauritius for Indian scholars • The pupil should submit a filled in operation form as per attachment( Hard Copy) • Submit four passport size printsoriginalscrutinized not accepted) • print dupe of the bio data runners of the passport of the aspirant • Bank Statement of parents to give evidence of Fund vacuity( Around Mur,000 = INR 2 Lacs) • Offer letter to Passport office with course details • Accommodation Letter • No locked finances and time period are needed • No ITR to be submitted • Medical instrument isn’t needed at this original stage as the pupil will need to suffer the medical webbing in Mauritius after which the temporary pupil visa of 3 months will be extended till the completion of course. Visa processing time 4 Weeks from the date of Submission to PIO Mauritius. After the visa blessing the pupil can bespeak their ticketsQuick Reasons to study in Mauritius Some detailed information about why study in Mauritius The figures of quality educational institutes in Mauritius have increased vastly in the once decade. The ministry of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology was established in May 2010 in line with the vision of the government of Mauritius to transfigure Mauritius into a knowledge– grounded frugality. This focus on the educational sector has witnessed Mauritius being vulgarized among transnational scholars for pursuing studies abroad. A lot of these institutions offer multitudinous programs and have state– of- the- art structure available to its scholarsTertiary Education Commissions( TEC) in Mauritius The TEC to promoteplandevelop and coordinatepost-secondary education in Mauritius and to apply an overarching nonsupervisory frame to achieve high transnational quality It also has the responsibility to allocate government finances to the Tertiary Education Institutions under its horizon and to insure responsibility and optimum use of coffersDifferent societies in Mauritius Mauritius’s position is the foremost explanation behind the different culture, as it’s located in the Indian Ocean and served by breakouts across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The harmonious terrain showcases a perfect mix in these special societiesAffordable and Full– fledged Academic Course in Mauritius As compared to the education cost in numerous other popular destinations, Mauritius provides high quality education at a veritably reasonable cost. Mauritius further promises comprehensive options to scholars in terms of courses grounded on their qualification Weather in Mauritius It’s noway too cold in Mauritius. Its an islet. Its sticky in Mauritius and the temperature is substantially between 25 degree Celcius and 30 degree Celcius fluently Accessible Mauritius is accessibly connected to all the mainlands furnishing further room for diurnal direct breakouts around the worldSafety in Mauritius The ultramodern approach of the booming frugality enables its population to live in peace and harmony. Mauritius bears a character of being stable – socially, economically and politically. People from other ethnicities exercise their persuasions fluently without any external fear in Mauritius. Active & Vibrant provident life in Mauritius The excellent structure withmulti-cultural societies provides an instigative life for the people in Mauritius. The stylish part is the affordable living charges being as low as 250$ leaves a wide room for luxury living. Easy Visa and Fee Payment to College after Visa in Mauritius scholars who wish to study in Mauritius and can gain their visas without any hassles also scholars can be relaxed and need not take the pressure of visa interviews – Yes you read it right, No Visa Interviews! In fact scholars need not pay their first investiture of Course freights until they gain valid visa. Inputs in Mauritius Well, this is really a big benefitnumerous Institutions have as numerous as launch dates in January, May, July, August, September, November. September is, October, November, December a major input in Mauritius, as in utmost of the courses will be available during this month. Strong Network of Community in Mauritius To everyone’s surprise the major religion followed in Mauritius is Hinduism, followed by Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. In short you can most surely anticipate the temporal terrain we’ve in India. Bilingual pool in Mauritius English is generally accepted as the sanctioned language of Mauritius and as the language of government administration, the courts and business. The constitution of Mauritius and all laws are written in English. The Mauritian population is multilingual most Mauritians are inversely fluent in English and French. Mauritius at a regard Mauritius is a fascinatingworld– in- one- islet paradise. It’s extremely name conjures up images of tropical luxury, cobalt-blue swellwhite flaxen strands and luxury hospices. Mauritius is one of the stylish study abroad destinations for Indian scholars, to choose with low education figure and living charges. Mauritius is an islet in the Indian Ocean which is popular for its golden strands, reefs, and lagoons. The flaxen that’s white compass the area country along with having lagoons that are guaranteed from the open ocean with all the world third largest coral reef that surrounds the islet. Besides, Mauritius is one of the earth’s luxury tourism locales which can be well. It possesses a variety of natural and manmade lodestones clear warm ocean waters, seductive strands rounded by amulti-ethnic and population that’s artisticStudy in Mauritius Mauritius is one of the perfect places in South Africa for pursuing different academic courses. The transnational scholars can find a variety that’s broad of as per their conditions giving down unique openings. Interestingly, Mauritius stays a fluently available destination to the transnational scholars since it’s accessibly linked to multitudinous direct breakouts each over the world on a base that’s daily. Each time around,000 scholars each over the world come to study colorful undergraduate and courses that are postgraduate with quality education at affordable training and living, cost enables the scholars that are transnational enjoy a sincere experience. The Mauritius tertiary registration price is amongst the loftiest in Africa. It’s home to lots that’s big of an transnational academic institutions. The numerous benefits of studying in Mauritius can be epitomized as follows Exquisite life withmulti-cultural societies and limited obstacles that are artistic As being a pupil, you’ll surely find Mauritius to be a safe and stylish study abroad destination that’s affordableMauritius Education Cost The expenditure of education in Mauritius is affordable; but, the cost depends upon the choice of program or council you ’ve named. You can find further than 700 courses available in Mauritius. The figure of education costs for different programs can range between 1500 to 15500 USD per annum on an normalLiving in Mauritius Mauritius An Island of Beauty and Sophistication. Capital Port Louis. Population1.2 Million. Climate Winter( to October; Between 180C and 240C) & Summer( October to March; Between 250C and 330 C) April. Language English is the language that’s sanctioned. French and Creole are extensively talked. A number of Asian languages, as well as Arabic, may also be talked and tutored. Currency Mauritian Rupee( MUR). Food and Drink norms of foodplushly invested with French, Creole, Indian, Chinese and indeed English influences, are generally veritably high, but fresh fruitmeat, veggies and indeed everpopular seafood that’s fresh frequently importedFull of unique flavors because of centuries as a point that’s melting Mauritian cookery helps determine and unify an else different crowd and its particular historyDeposited in the Indian Ocean and served by air breakouts across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, Mauritius is a admixture of different societies and persuasions, where people of different origins live together in comfort and harmony. Besides multiculturalism, the pristine white strands and turquoise that’s foamy will attract one to the islet, that’s considered as one of the leading vacation destinations. The comforting and atmosphere that’s relaxing the islet along with the sociable nature and warmth of this occupants further contributes towards its authenticity and exoticism. Mauritius is also served by a inland that’s well– developed and dispatches structure. The nation also boasts of a modernized telecommunications structure, with affordable broadband internet installations.    


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